WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn issued the following statement today on the CARES Act, the third phase of the COVID-19 federal response:

“The coronavirus has caused an unprecedented crisis in our country, and quick decisive action is needed. It is the federal government’s duty and responsibility to provide much-needed support for those impacted most.

“The Senate last night passed a historic $2 trillion coronavirus response package that I will support when the House votes tomorrow. I am pleased to see this legislation include my priorities to send direct payments to most American families; a recurring weekly $600 payment over four months for unemployed workers affected by COVID-19; increase funding to community health centers and expand telemedicine; give temporary relief to those with federal student loans and to Historically Black Colleges and Universities for any capital finance obligations.

“The health and economic well-being of the millions of Americans are depending on this bill. The impacts of this pandemic are widespread, and the response must be broad. We have crafted a bipartisan package that begins to provide immediate relief for our health care sector. Still, we will need to do more and will continue to work, to enable the American people to recover from COVID-19.

“I will continue working to ensure the benefits of Congress’ response to the coronavirus and its economic consequences are distributed fairly and reach all communities, especially those who are often forgotten or left behind.”