WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today praised House passage of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act. This comprehensive package invests over $1.5 trillion in rebuilding American infrastructure and creates millions of American jobs that cannot be exported.

“The House has passed an infrastructure package that reflects America’s values by securing our communities, protecting our environment, and addressing historic disparities,” Congressman Clyburn said. “Modern infrastructure means more than roads and bridges or water and sewer. Investments are needed to improve these important pillars of our nation’s infrastructure, but we must also address deficiencies in our existing infrastructure that have been laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes investments to provide universal broadband access, improve our crumbling schools, expand our community health centers, and increase access to affordable housing and rural transit. This legislation makes America’s greatness accessible and affordable for all.”

The Moving Forward Act:

  • upgrades existing highways, bridges, transit, rail, airports, ports and harbors infrastructure projects by investing nearly $500 billion to improve safety, reduce gridlock and move toward zero emissions from the transportation sector;
  • improves unsafe schools by investing $130 billion in school infrastructure targeted at high-poverty schools that do not meet health and safety standards and allocates billions to upgrade child-care facilities to ensure compliance with current and future public health directives;
  • modernizes energy infrastructure with an investment of more than $70 billion to transform our electric grid, promote new renewable energy infrastructure and develop an electric vehicle charging network and other efforts to support energy efficiency and climate resilience;
  • increases access to affordable housing by directing over $100 billion to reduce housing inequality, improve living conditions and increase environmental sustainability;
  • expands affordable high-speed internet to underserved communities with a $100 billion investment that promotes competition, closes broadband adoption and digital skills gaps and improves affordability;
  • improves hospitals and health care infrastructure by investing $30 billion to increase capacity and strengthen care, help community health centers respond to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies, and improve clinical laboratory infrastructure;
  • ensures all communities have clean water by investing tens of billions to remove dangerous contaminants from our drinking water and invests in new, safe wastewater infrastructure.
  • promotes investments in our communities by leveraging private investment through the tax code, through a revitalized Build America Bonds program, expansions of Private Activity Bonds and significant enhancements to the New Markets Tax Credit and the Rehabilitation Tax Credit; and
  • protects American jobs with strong Buy America provisions and labor protections.

H.R. 2 includes several of Congressman Clyburn’s legislative priorities that are aimed at providing access and affordability for all Americans:

  • expands his 10-20-30 initiative that targets investments in persistent poverty areas to transportation projects and broadband investment;
  • incorporates language from his HOME Act to direct state and local transportation planners to consider projects and strategies that will support inclusive zoning and land use planning practices that incent affordable housing that is accessible to economic opportunity;
  • includes the Accessible, Affordable Broadband Act, which invests $100 billion to build nationwide high-speed broadband infrastructure and ensure that the resulting internet service is affordable; and
  • extends the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program at the Department of Transportation to ensure that minority- and women-owned businesses have an opportunity to participate in rebuilding our country.

“As a nation, we must tackle our infrastructure challenges in a broader context,” Congressman Clyburn said. “Now is the time to ensure that the structures critical to our society’s operation are strong and resilient for all Americans today and well into the future.”