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Emmer: House Republicans deliver bipartisan win with DC crime bill

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer gave the following remarks at the signing of House Republicans’ bill overhauling D.C.’s radical criminal code:

“We’re only two months into our majority, and House Republicans keep delivering for the American people. First, we forced Joe Biden’s hand on everything from ending the COVID national emergency to bringing him to the bargaining table on the debt ceiling. Yesterday, we delivered legislation to the president’s desk to protect Americans’ hard-earned retirement dollars from funding the left’s woke agenda. And today we’re signing our bipartisan, common-sense legislation overhauling DC’s radical criminal code that forced even Joe Biden to admit the Democrat-run city has a crime issue. House Republicans are taking charge where Democrats have failed. 

“Americans made it clear when they elected a Republican House majority that they are tired of the same old soft-on-crime policies that turn our communities into safe havens for violent criminals. Make no mistake: The 173 Democrats who voted against this bill have proven Democrats remain the pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement party…Joe Biden and the Democrats have a choice: continue to cave to the leftist lunacy that lost them total control of Washington, or buck the woke nonsense and join the GOP’s battle to restore common sense to the nation’s capital. Either way, Republicans are going to continue to lead the charge.”