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Emmer: The Biden administration’s weakness on the world stage has emboldened all of our adversaries

Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined Faulkner Focus to discuss the Biden administration’s self-made humanitarian crisis at the southern border and weakness on the world stage that has emboldened our adversaries across the globe. He specifically called out the Biden administration’s soft-on-China policies and noted that House Republicans will continue to govern where Democrats have failed.

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Whip Emmer on the Biden administration’s failure to hold the Mexican cartel accountable:

“The idea that you won’t or can’t designate these cartels as foreign terrorist organizations is outrageous.”

“[The Biden administration], they’ve been soft on China, soft on crime, soft on everything else. Guess what, Julie? They’ve ignored the southern border. Because they’ve ignored the southern border, they’ve allowed this thing to turn into a major crisis.

It’s not just the number of people coming across the border, it’s the security risk not only on our side, but…as this tragedy…proves, they’ve totally lost control of the situation.”

Whip Emmer on the Biden administration’s ongoing humanitarian crisis at the southern border:

“It’s not just that the administration is sitting back and not taking any affirmative action...we’ve got the American Red Cross, that is supported with U.S. tax dollars that sits on the FEMA board, they’re literally putting out maps to migrants to tell them how to cross Mexico and this dangerous journey and how to enter illegally across our southern border. They call this humanitarianism? I call this a tragedy and a failure of moral integrity.”

Whip Emmer on Florida’s immigration lawsuit against the Biden administration:

“First off, the American public should be sitting back and saying why does one of our states have to actually sue the government to do its job? I would argue, Julie, this is why the articles of impeachment filed by Pat Fallon of Texas and by Andy Biggs of Arizona against Mayorkas for not doing his job at Homeland Security might actually have legs. Because you’ve got the actual administration – Biden – saying there isn’t a problem at the southern border. By the way, he also adds…that if there is, we inherited this problem. The very court case that you talk about, Julie, said you didn’t inherit the problem. You created the problem, and you need to do something about it. This is the challenge that Republicans have in the House and the Senate. The American public are smarter than the Biden administration gives them credit for. This is going to be an ongoing issue for all of us until we get it resolved.”

Whip Emmer on Democrats’ soft-on-China record:

“This started with the Biden administration. Frankly, their weakness on the world stage has emboldened all of our adversaries, and our number one adversary, which these hearings yesterday once again confirmed, is China. The Biden administration, their soft-on-China policies has simply emboldened China, which is now suggesting that partnering with Russia is important to weaken the United States of America. This is why Republicans created the select committee on China. This is why Chair Gallagher is going to chase down every CCP member in this country who has been causing problems. It’s time to get tough on China, and guess what? Republicans are going to take over where the Biden administration has failed when it comes to China.”