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Emmer: Democrats remain the pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement party

Majority Whip Tom Emmer today discussed how House Republicans’ are on offense, forcing Democrats to come along as the GOP governs. Whip Emmer touted Republicans’ efforts to overhaul DC’s radical criminal code – with even Joe Biden and Senate Democrats set to block the DC City Council’s controversial crime bill. Whip Emmer also called out the 173 House Democrats who voted against the bill, saying they will now have to answer to their constituents as to why “they are the most radical, pro-criminal members of their party.”


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Whip Emmer: “If you haven’t noticed after two months of a Republican House Majority, we are on offense. Republicans’ common-sense legislation overhauling the District of Columbia’s radical criminal code has forced even Joe Biden to admit the Democrat-run city has a crime issue. Now, Democrats are scrambling. Biden has pledged he will not veto the bill, and vulnerable Senate Democrats are now supporting it. And even the D.C. City Council is trying to walk this thing back. But make no mistake – Democrats remain the pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement party. This is some serious Monday morning quarterbacking from the party that knows its soft-on-crime policies have led to losses in the past two election cycles. And guess what? The 173 House Democrats who voted against this bill now have to explain to their constituents how they are the most radical, pro-criminal members of their party. With a Republican House Majority here, we have put an end to Democrats’ failed one-party rule. Again, we are on offense, and we’re going to force Democrats to come along with us as we continue to govern. Republicans have forced Joe Biden’s hand on everything from ending the COVID national emergency to bringing him to the bargaining table on the debt ceiling, and now this crime bill. Joe Biden and the Democrats have a choice: continue to cave to the leftist lunacy that cost them total control of Washington, or buck the woke nonsense and join the GOP’s battle to restore common sense to the nation’s capital. Either way, Republicans will be leading the charge.”