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Emmer on the D.C. Crime Bill: 173 House Democrats took a partisan vote on the side of the criminals

Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined Fox 5 DC to discuss House Republicans’ win in passing common-sense legislation overhauling D.C.’s radical criminal code. He also called out the 173 House Democrats  including some in the DC area - for doubling down on pro-crime policies that make communities less safe.

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Whip Emmer: “The way we look at it, crime is on the rise in the District of Columbia and quite frankly all across this country because of these anti-police, pro-crime, or I guess soft-on-crime policies that Democrats have been pushing for the last couple of years. And the D.C. Council did exactly that. It’s not just the messaging. It’s what they’re trying to message. Like it or not, the U.S. House of Representatives – Congress – still has oversight over the District of Columbia, so we brought a resolution to undo this. We need to be tough on crime, Steve. People want to be safe in this community. They want to make sure that they’re protected. That passed overwhelmingly. Although, [173 House Democrats] just took a partisan vote on the side of the criminals. And I think they were pretty surprised when Joe Biden, who even knows how bad this change to the criminal code was, said he’s actually going to sign this resolution coming out of the Senate now in the House.”

“Remember: the reason we have government, the reason we’re civilized, is because our government is supposed to protect its citizens and their property. And the D.C. Council, they did not do it in this case, Steve. That’s why Congress acted. That’s why the president is actually going to sign this.”