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Majority Whip Tom Emmer Op-Ed: The era of woke government is over

By Majority Whip Emmer (MN-06)

Execute the plan. Win.

Whether in my professional life or on a Minnesota hockey rink coaching young people, this has always been my approach. This is the same philosophy I brought to my time as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and it's the same philosophy I'm bringing to my new position as majority whip of the U.S. House.

With double-digit inflation, record-breaking grocery and gas prices, soaring violent crime, a humanitarian crisis at our southern border and now, total chaos in our skies, Americans are desperate for real leadership and practical solutions from Washington.

And that is House Republicans' goal for the 118th Congress: To bring common sense back to the nation's capital.

The American people elected a Republican House majority at the first chance they were given to put a stop to Democrats' failing agenda, and we're delivering.

In just over one month, we have forced President Joe Biden to the bargaining table on budget negotiations and are working toward a reasonable, responsible and sensible budget that will put America on a path to sustainability for years to come. Republicans will protect programs that are crucial for Americans while reining in the reckless spending that has fueled the historic inflation crisis too many families are facing right now.

House Republicans also passed a series of resolutions to move the federal government away from its perpetual COVID state. We voted to terminate the CDC's draconian policy requiring proof of COVID vaccination for foreign travelers, to end vaccine mandates for health care workers, to lift the COVID-19 public health emergency, and to force career bureaucrats back to work.

We've taken a stand for Americans' fundamental freedoms by denouncing socialism in all its forms and defunding the Democrats' army of 87,000 IRS agents. We also began working to overturn the D.C. City Council's votes to radically overhaul their criminal code and give illegal immigrants the right to vote.

After years of soft-on-China policies, we passed a bill banning Biden's sales of America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to our greatest adversary. And we will continue to hold the Biden administration accountable through our various select committees to make sure that Americans are getting the answers and transparency they deserve — including on the recent and unprecedented invasion of American airspace by China.

An old professor once told me something I will never forget. He said, "the world is run by those who show up," and that's exactly what House Republicans are going to do.

We're going to show up for the American people.

The years of out-of-touch, radical left-wing policies are over. It won't always be easy, and there will be many tough fights ahead, but House Republicans will continue to work together, execute and win for Americans.