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Emmer: Americans will render the real verdict on November 5th

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined Fox Business Network's The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald on Tuesday to discuss Joe Biden’s corrupt, two-tiered justice system and House Republicans’ plans to restore the rule of law.

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Whip Emmer on Biden’s TIME interview gaffes:

“Well, you clearly have a President in decline, a human being in decline, Liz. Literally, he is getting crushed by Donald Trump all across the country. They’re afraid of what’s going to happen in November when the real verdict is rendered by the American people and Donald Trump is re-elected to the White House.”

Whip Emmer on House Republicans’ plans to hold Democrats accountable for their two-tiered application of justice:

“I think our Speaker has said it very clearly that we need to explore all avenues to hold this lawless administration, this corrupt administration, accountable. Accountable not just for what they’re doing in Washington D.C., Liz, but for this farce that they somehow co-engineered in Manhattan. When you have Colangelo, a U.S. Justice Department lawyer, that is suddenly employed by Alvin Bragg’s prosecution team, you’ve got all kinds of red flags. Americans, I just want to point out something, Americans see this two-tiered sham form of justice, and it’s not just Trump supporters. These are Americans. What these people are attacking, Joe Biden and all his partisan radicals, what they're attacking is the very fabric of what makes this country great. It’s called the rule of law. And they have decided to take it and point it at their political adversary, and the American people are just too smart for that and they will render their verdict on November 5th.”

“Well, I mean let’s start where you started and that’s Jim Jordan and his Judiciary Committee. They are doing everything they can, including what you just pointed out that they have summoned Alvin Bragg and Mr. Colangelo before the committee next week. We’ll see if they show up. Subpoenas may have to be issued. We may have to follow that progress much like we’ve been dealing with the White House who is trying to slow-walk everything. When it comes to anything else, Liz, our Speaker has already said that everything is on the table when it comes to the power of the purse, and we need to restore that power of the purse to the House.”