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House GOP Leadership Statement on President Biden’s Election Year Border Charade

WASHINGTON – Whip Emmer, Speaker Johnson, Leader Scalise, and Chairwoman Stefanik issued the following statement after President Biden issued his election year immigration Executive Order:


“President Biden's Executive Order is nothing more than a desperate political stunt to try and stabilize his plummeting poll numbers. 


“From his first day in office, Biden has worked to implement a failed open border agenda which created this historic humanitarian and national security catastrophe. He has turned every American community into a border community and opened our country to violent criminals, terrorists, cartels, and poisonous drugs. 


“This Executive action does nothing to end parole abuses or catch-and-release. It continues the administration’s abuse of the CBP One app. It does not reimplement President Trump’s successful Remain in Mexico policy. It provides no new resources for border patrol. It does nothing to deport the millions who have poured over our open border every year since Biden took office. And it will still allow scores of additional illegal immigrants to flood into our country before any so-called shutdown authority kicks in.


“Over a year ago, House Republicans passed the Secure the Border Act, which would actually fix the problem, but Joe Biden and Senate Democrats continue to drag their feet on taking meaningful action, sacrificing the safety and security of our communities.


“Americans can see right through Biden’s election-year stunt.”