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Emmer: This was never about what President Trump did or didn’t do. It’s about who he is.

WASHINGTON – Today, Majority Whip Tom Emmer discussed the Democrats’ corrupt weaponization of our justice system against President Trump and House Republicans’ actions to hold them accountable.

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Whip Emmer: “Last week, Democrats pulled off the biggest sham in U.S. history. It’s no secret that their case against President Trump has been a witch hunt from the beginning. From a conflicted judge who has donated to anti-Trump causes, to the lead prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, who campaigned on going after President Trump, to the ridiculous charges, to Matthew Colangelo, a senior Biden DOJ official, leaving his position in the administration to join Bragg’s team, to the prosecution’s star-witness my colleague or Conference Chair referenced, Michael Cohen, a real criminal, admitting to multiple crimes on the stand. All of the evidence in this case points to one, simple fact. This was never about what President Trump did or didn’t do. It’s about who he is. He’s the leading Republican candidate for president, and the Democrats have made clear they will stop at nothing – even if it means weaponizing our justice system and trampling on the rule of law – to try and prevent him from getting to the White House again. The good news is the American people are not fools. They see this for the sham that it is, and they will issue the ultimate verdict this November. Until then, House Republicans will continue to do our part to give Americans the transparency and accountability they deserve on this shady cast of characters who are hell-bent on attacking President Trump. Last month, I wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding that this corrupt Department of Justice take immediate action to indict Cohen for repeatedly lying under oath to Congress and answer to our congressional committees on their documents requests to Colangelo. Chairman Jordan has called on Bragg and Colangelo to testify before our Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government next week. Speaker Johnson has also said we're going to look at Special Counsel Jack Smith, who we believe has been abusing his authority as well. Bottom line: The Democrats’ corrupt weaponization of our justice system must be stopped, and we’re going to do everything in our power to hold them accountable.”