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Emmer: Democrats don’t just have a law and order problem, they also have an Israel problem

WASHINGTON – Today, in honor of National Police Week, Majority Whip Tom Emmer discussed Joe Biden and the Democrat’s pro-crime, anti-law enforcement agenda that has resulted in unprecedented attacks on police officers. Whip Emmer also slammed House Democrats for their pro-Hamas stance and hypocrisy in supporting President Biden’s dangerous decision to withhold aid to Israel.

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Whip Emmer: “It’s been three and a half years of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ pro-crime, anti-law enforcement agenda. And in those three and a half years, we’ve had: The highest number of law enforcement officers intentionally killed in the line of duty in two decades, double-digit increases in crime throughout major cities across the country, A nationwide police hiring shortage that my colleague from Minnesota mentioned, And the demonization of law enforcement officers for simply doing their jobs – including the political prosecution of a state trooper in my home state of Minnesota, all because the Democrat Party would rather cave to the leftist lunacy that has made them the most anti-law enforcement party in our history, they would rather do that than support the brave men and women in blue. This National Police Week, House Republicans will counteract the Democrats’ pro-crime, anti-police agenda by bringing seven bills to the floor that support our nation’s law enforcement and give them the resources they need to keep our communities safe. But it’s clear the Democrats don’t just have a law and order problem, they also have an Israel problem. So much so that they’d rather stand in solidarity with terrorists than support our strongest ally in the Middle East. This week, we will also force House Democrats to go on the record about Joe Biden’s decision to circumvent Congress and unilaterally halt military aid to our ally, Israel, for his own political gain. A move that was once considered an impeachable offense by House Democrats in 2019. And to be clear, initiating the process for a second arm sale does not make up for withholding previously approved sales. Make no mistake: Whether it’s standing with our brave law enforcement officers or standing with one of our most precious allies – House Republicans will continue to govern where Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to fail. ”