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Emmer: House Republicans will be on the right side of history

WASHINGTON – Today, Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined House Republican leadership and a number of committee chairs to discuss House Republicans’ efforts to hold university administrators accountable for their failure to keep Jewish students safe amid a wave of violent, antisemitic protests happening on college campuses.

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Whip Emmer: “Our House Republican conference is here today to deliver a message to the pro-terrorist, antisemites taking over our college campuses. We’re here to deliver a message to the university administrators who have chosen to be complicit in these movements for hate rather than taking action. And we’re here to deliver a message to Hamas, Iran, and members of the Squad – including my Minnesota colleague Ilhan Omar – who have all endorsed these antisemitic protests that: enough is enough. Accountability is here. Our college campuses should never be breeding grounds for antisemitism. Yet, that is exactly what they have become. Why? Because of university administrators who have refused to protect their Jewish students. Because of faculty members who have enabled this wave of antisemitic violence. Because of an administration that has tried to play both sides of the issue. And because of far-left members of Congress who are applauding antisemitism on college campuses. In other words, it’s because we have a bunch of adults in a room who are refusing to be the adults in the room. While no one else is standing up to lead during this pivotal moment in history, House Republicans will. I want to thank Speaker Johnson and our committee chairs for providing much-needed accountability on an issue that has been met with a disturbing amount of indifference – and even encouragement – from the people who are supposed to keep students safe. The world is watching to see how we respond. I, for one, am grateful to be a part of a conference that will be on the right side of history.”