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WTAS: Whip Emmer Builds Coalition of Support Around House Energy Week

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer rallied support from outside organizations for six bills that came to the House floor during Energy Week. They focus on restoring American energy dominance, lowering energy costs for families, and counteracting the Biden administration’s disastrous Green New Deal agenda.

Here is what stakeholders are saying in response to Energy Week in the House:

American Clean Power (ACP): “Successful deployment of renewable energy and new transmission infrastructure requires a predictable, timely, and cost-effective permitting process. The reforms in H.R. 7023 — specifically the Nationwide Permitting Improvement Act — will go a long way towards ensuring we can not only increase deployment of clean energy resources but improve the reliability and resiliency of our nation’s outdated grid.” - Jason Grumet, CEO

American Energy Alliance: “House Republicans are right to focus their attention on energy prices, which continue to be front and center for the many families struggling to make ends meet in this inflationary environment. Meanwhile, the Biden EPA is busy finalizing an internal combustion engine vehicle ban.

“The contrast could not be more clear. House Republicans encourage the responsible development of our natural resources and reject policies – like a carbon tax – that Americans overwhelmingly oppose. Meanwhile, President Biden continues to push an agenda that restricts our energy production here at home, takes away our choice, and makes everything more expensive and less reliable.” - Thomas Pyle, President

American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC): “On behalf of the American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC), I am writing to express our appreciation for the attention the US House of Representatives plans to give to policies that promote the development of American energy and lower energy costs for American families during ‘Energy Week.’ ...Thank you for dedicating this week to promoting and passing pro-energy policies. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to promote responsible energy practices and ensure a secure and prosperous energy future for our nation.” - Anne Bradbury, President and CEO

Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative: “Over the next few days, the House will consider several pieces of legislation that will ensure a bright future for American energy dominance…In the 118th Congress, Members have spent considerable time prioritizing policy objectives important to their constituents at home and for the betterment of our country… [T]his legislation will keep energy affordable for all Americans, protect our national security and sovereignty, and keep American energy dominant on the world stage.” - Brent Gardner, Chief Government Affairs Officer of Americans for Prosperity and Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative

American Petroleum Institute (API): "We welcome the House of Representatives’ actions this week to increase access to America’s oil and natural gas resources, strengthen energy infrastructure with commonsense permitting reforms, and repeal taxes on energy production that weaken U.S. security and add costs to American families." - Mike Sommers, President and CEO

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES): “When the United States is empowered to innovate and produce more energy, global emissions decline…Opposing a harmful carbon tax, along with moving the conversation forward on other important topics in the energy space, are crucial to ensuring we continue leading the world. Thank you to House Republicans for recognizing and celebrating America’s energy excellence during this year’s Energy Week.” - Heather Reams, President

Energy Workforce & Technology Council: “As attacks on the energy industry continue to ramp up, there is no better time for the House to bring up Energy Week. It is critical that legislation is passed to prevent attempts at tearing apart the American oil and gas industry and threatening our energy security. Energy Workforce is proud to support HR 1121, prohibiting a presidential moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and HR 6009, nullifying BLM’s proposed rule that would increase bonding rates for production on federal lands. It is critical that Congress stand up and take action to protect the American energy workforce.” - Tim Tarpley, President 

Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA): “America’s independent oil and natural gas producers appreciate House leadership prioritizing the United States’ role as an energy leader with the suite of bills brought forward this week. U.S. oil and natural gas producers are leading the way in emissions reductions as they innovate to provide more energy to Americans and the world. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has sought to reverse that progress by restricting access to the safe, proven technologies companies can use. The solutions brought forward this week would improve independents’ ability to operate and produce energy for the American people and our allies. In particular, IPAA has a keen interest in seeing HR 1121 pass. The legislation will prevent the current and future Administrations from imposing a nationwide fracking ban and would also ensure that states retain regulating authority. IPAA challenged a previous Obama Administration Rule on hydraulic fracturing, which would have had severe impacts for our member companies if the rule had gone into effect. By safely unlocking America’s abundant natural resources, fracking has created millions of American jobs, reduced energy prices, brought cleaner air by significantly reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to 25-year-lows, strengthened our national security, and transformed the United States into a global energy superpower.” - Jeff Eshelman, President & CEO

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM): “It's Energy Week in the U.S. House, and manufacturers thank @SpeakerJohnson, @cathymcmorris, @RepWesterman and @HouseGOP for highlighting the vital role U.S. energy production plays in powering American jobs, our economy and our national security.”

National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA): “NOIA appreciates House Leadership's focus on a robust Energy Week and applauds the focus on advancing pro-growth policy for our nation's energy future. A strong American energy sector is an enduring source of national security, economic growth, and quality of life. House Leadership is demonstrating a proactive approach, offering durable solutions to some of our most pressing energy challenges. Importantly included for offshore industry this week is Congressman Rouzer’s H.R. 7023, Creating Confidence in Clean Water Permitting Act, which will provide critical regulatory certainty for businesses operating under Clean Water Act permits in the Gulf of Mexico.” - Erik Milito, President

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers: “This package of bills is an important step in pushing back against the anti-energy and anti-consumer Biden Administration and its war on U.S. domestic energy. It is critical for our industry, our nation, and the world to promote and expand abundant, affordable, and reliable petroleum energy production and support efforts to maintain our economy. We applaud the U.S. House of Representatives for promoting sound energy policy and working to pass this important legislation.” - Karr Ingham, Economist and President

U.S. Oil & Gas Association: “The federal mineral estate contains 2.46 billion acres, made up of 1.76 billion acres in the Outer Continental Shelf and 700 million of onshore lands. The state and private land mineral estate is around 1.5 billion acres by comparison. Yet the vast majority of our oil and natural gas is now produced from private and state lands. Why? Because the Biden Administration has taken the most hostile approach to development of federal oil and gas of any Administration in history. Energy Week is designed to give the President a much-needed course correction.” Tim Stewart, President

Western Energy Alliance: “Since taking office, President Biden’s administration has implemented 200 actions threatening production of oil and natural gas. We appreciate the House majority for organizing Energy Week and working to pass a slate of bills that address the administration’s regulatory overreach. Our members are small- to mid-sized companies operating across the West that produce oil and natural gas in a manner that is clean and environmentally responsible. We’re glad House lawmakers recognize our members are ready to meet the growing demand for energy in the U.S., and that they can’t do it when the federal government constantly threatens them with overreaching regulations.” - Kathleen Sgamma, President