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Emmer: Chuck Schumer’s problem is with the antisemites in his own party

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined CNN’s The Source on Thursday to discuss Chuck Schumer’s “abhorrent” call for new elections in Israel and Israel funding legislation in the House.

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Whip Emmer on Chuck Schumer calling for new elections in Israel:

“They have been talking about how they stand with our best ally in the Middle East – the free democracy of the state of Israel – and today, he did just the opposite. And he finally I think showed people that no matter what they say, their actions are something completely different.”

“Chuck Schumer does not have a problem with Benjamin Netanyahu. He does not have a problem with the people of Israel. What he's got a problem with are the antisemites that have taken over his Democrat Party. You cannot equivocate on this at this time, Kaitlan. You’ve got to choose between right and wrong, between good and evil. And quite frankly, for Chuck Schumer to be calling for a new election in Israel is abhorrent. And by the way, if he really was interested in calling for an election, how about in Gaza where they haven't had one since 2006 when Hamas took over. What he said today was outrageous and disgusting.”

Whip Emmer on Israel funding legislation in the House:

“They've [the Senate] had the Israel supplemental bill from the House since October, Kaitlan. Let's not get into this ‘he said, she said’. We sent that supplemental bill off the House floor over to the Senate back in October, and Chuck Schumer has refused to act. He complained about a pay-for because we were taking money away from the IRS to pay for the $14.2 or $14.3 billion that had been requested. So guess what? We tried to do one without a pay-for. And not only would 166 Democrats in the House vote against it – they chose to side with Hamas instead of the state of Israel – but you had a president, Joe Biden, who threatened to veto it if it passed. You can say that you’re not something, but your actions speak louder than your words.”

“Again, the House has already acted. We've not only acted once, we've acted twice. There's a bill sitting over in the Senate right now that they can pass. If we have to continue to lead which, we will, we will continue to lead. But right now, they already have the money that they need. They just need to process the bill, Kaitlan.”