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Emmer: House Republicans have proven that we can and will continue to govern

WASHINGTON – Today, Majority Whip Tom Emmer discussed how House Republicans are focused on passing commonsense solutions while Joe Biden and the Democrats are busy playing “blame games.”

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Whip Emmer: “The American people elected a Republican House Majority at the first chance they were given to put a stop to Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failing agenda. And thanks to the hard work of our members, we were able to beat the odds and deliver on some of our conservative, commonsense priorities in 2023. We passed core pieces of legislation addressing Americans’ top concerns such as the Lower Energy Costs Act and the Parental Bill of Rights. We passed a historic border security bill that does five things: Finishes the wall, reforms parole authority, reforms the asylum authority, ends ‘catch and release,’ and restores ‘remain in Mexico.’ When Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer were too busy pointing fingers, our majority has governed by passing a transformational debt ceiling bill that reins in Washington’s reckless spending without letting us default on our debt. We also made history by passing the first Republican-only NDAA, fighting against a woke Defense Department agenda while investing in our troops and our strategic capabilities. House Republicans have proven that we can and will continue to govern on behalf of the American people. Joe Biden and Democrats’, however, have proven that their only priority is appeasing the far-left members of their party. Look no further than last week when Americans witnessed the most divisive State of the Union address in modern history. What was supposed to be a unifying outline of the president’s vision for our country – it was nothing more than a partisan campaign speech used to further splinter America and Americans. Americans are sick of Joe Biden’s blame games and refusal to take responsibility for the crises he has created. The next 9 months will be spent working tirelessly to remind our constituents why they elected us in the first place. When we focus on teamwork, communication, and respect – we deliver the commonsense wins that we promised. With our slim majority, we’ll continue to work with every corner of our conference to advance our conservative agenda. I look forward to the challenge.”