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ICYMI: Majority Whip Emmer outlines his vision for the 118th Congress

Majority Whip Tom Emmer spoke with the Washington Free Beacon about his role as the Majority Whip and vision for the 118th Congress. He also discussed the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations and House Republicans’ work to rein in reckless spending without cutting critical programs such as defense.

Whip Emmer on his role as Majority Whip:

"[W]e're like a small-town law office. We need to know your business, but we don't discuss your business in public. What comes into this office…doesn't come out."

House Republicans "don't have to like each other," Emmer said. Nor do they "have to socialize together," but they must recognize that they're part "of a bigger team."

Whip Emmer on debt ceiling negotiations:

“What Republicans will look to cut, Emmer said, includes the massive boost in discretionary spending that came with Biden's first two years in office. Much of that new spending, Democrats said at the time, was meant to remedy economic hardship caused by COVID-19. Now that Biden has said the pandemic is ‘over,’ much of that spending can go.”

Whip Emmer on expanding the majority in 2024:

"If we can get to the end of the year and say we've accomplished putting the country on a sustainable fiscal path and made sure our members, with their conservative common-sense approach, have put this country in a better place, I think that will bode well for us going into the next election year."


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