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Emmer: Our state of the union has been defined by unprecedented chaos thanks to Joe Biden

WASHINGTON – Today, Majority Whip Tom Emmer discussed Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address, contrasting the president’s failed policies to House Republicans’ conservative, commonsense agenda.

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Whip Emmer: “According to reports, Joe Biden and his allies are billing tomorrow’s State of the Union address as their ‘big, public reset moment.’ The problem with their strategy is that the American people will see right through whatever scripted rhetoric Biden ends up reading off the teleprompter. From the southern border to the economy to foreign policy - the facts are quite clear. Joe Biden has failed on every single issue. Our state of the union has been defined by unprecedented chaos thanks to this administration’s failed policies. And it’s the American people who’ve been left to suffer as a result. Americans elected our House Republican majority at the first chance they were given to counteract Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda, and we’ve worked hard to deliver. On the economy, it was Joe Biden’s runaway spending that led to double-digit inflation, historic interest rates, and bank collapses. Meanwhile, House Republicans passed legislation to lower costs for families and put us on a path toward fiscal responsibility. On the southern border, it’s Joe Biden who has refused to undo his 64 executive actions that created this crisis in the first place. House Republicans, on the other hand, passed historic border legislation that finishes the wall, reforms parole authority, reforms asylum authority, ends ‘catch and release,’ and would restore ‘remain in Mexico’ which our Customs and Border Patrol says the last one would staunch the flow of illegal aliens into this country overnight by 70%. And on foreign policy, it’s Joe Biden’s weakness on the world stage that has empowered our adversaries while little, doing little to reassure our allies. In stark contrast, House Republicans passed legislation to reverse the White House’s policies emboldening Iran, refocus our military on winning combat wars - not the Democrats’ culture wars, and unapologetically support Israel. Needless to say, Americans need much more than a ‘reset moment’ out of this administration. It’s time for new leadership and the people are going to make their voices heard at the ballot box this November. Until then, we’re going to have to continue doing our part to combat Joe Biden’s failed policies and hold this White House accountable.”