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Emmer: The Senate’s credibility is on the line

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined The Fox News Rundown to discuss the House’s impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, the Senate’s foreign aid bill, Russian aggression, and House Republicans’ accomplishments with a slim majority. 

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Whip Emmer on next steps for Mayorkas impeachment:

“Secretary Mayorkas’ wilful refusal to enforce federal law has created an unprecedented crisis at our southern border and has left innocent Americans to pay the price. Secretary Mayorkas failed to do the honorable thing by resigning. You’re right, the House Republicans actually fulfilled our Constitutional duty by voting to impeach. Now, as it goes to the Senate, I think their credibility is on the line. I am sure they could dispatch with it, the Schumer-controlled Senate, and ignore that there is a problem, but listen. The vast majority of Americans right now, this is their number one issue. It is the insecurity at our southern border where you had somewhere around 12 million illegals cross the southern border in the last, well, since Joe Biden took office. They ignored it up until recently, but now it’s become a political liability for them. So, I am sure they’re left in a position where they have to decide whether they’re going to do the right thing and address the fact that this particular public servant has not only violated his oath of office, but he has purposely subverted U.S. immigration laws and has instructed his subordinates to do the same. And he’s repeatedly lied to Congress. So we impeached him, they should finish the job, or the secretary should resign. But, we’ll see. Maybe they want to handle this in the most political way possible and just ignore it in which case the American people will hold them accountable in November.”

Whip Emmer on the Senate’s foreign aid bill:

“House Republicans have been very clear about this: Any national security supplemental legislation must secure our own border. We’re not going to rubber stamp the Senate’s foreign aid package just because they quickly abandoned border security talks. The House is going to continue to work its will. We also need answers that the Biden White House has ignored about the Ukraine aid and where it’s going, what oversight mechanisms are in place, and what’s the strategy for ending this war. You have to look at the fact that this Senate supplemental that they sent over, Mike, is also unnecessarily bloated…If you could take care of the first issues, the border and the questions regarding where the aid is going, we could send necessary weapons to Ukraine for a lot less than the $60 billion they put in that supplemental. Frankly, the U.S. should not be providing the economic and direct government support that is included in the legislation that was sent over. Especially since the EU just recently passed an economic aid package worth over 50 billion euros for Ukraine. The only path of getting this passed in the House is by scrutinizing every dollar, separating the issues, and including policies that will actually be successful in securing the border.”

Whip Emmer on Russian aggression:

“Listen, I agree with the President blaming Putin. But, the President needs to look in the mirror. When you’re pointing at someone else, remember, turn your hand over, you always have at least three fingers pointed right back at you. And between Russia’s plans for nuclear capability in space to Navalny’s likely murder, Russia knows they won’t face real consequences under Joe Biden. This administration has actually forced the world to rely on Russia for energy by prioritizing climate policies over our national security. Frankly, peace through strength is the only way forward, Mike. This President has got to get the message and start acting like the commander in chief instead of politicizing every one of these issues.”

Whip Emmer on House Republicans’ slim majority:

“You know Mike, everyone says, wouldn’t it be great to have 230 or 240. Look, it’s going to be just as hard no matter how big it is or how small it is. The key is to work with every single member. To hear them, not just listen to them but to hear what they’re saying and try to make sure that they can achieve two things. The first two things that every member, I’ve told them that they have to achieve is one, take care of the people who put you in Congress. It’s the voters at home that matter, no one in Washington D.C. casts a vote for you. Second, is you take care of yourself. If you can do those two things, Mike, you can be part of the Republican team and the Republican agenda. And then my job, as the Whip, is to communicate that from the members up to the Speaker and our leadership that this is what is possible with the different points of view that we have in our conference, and you’ve seen this work. I mean we did it on the debt ceiling deal that nobody thought we’d get that done. We did it with the parental bill of rights, we did it with the strongest border security act passed in the last 20 years in the House. And by the way, you had much larger Republican majorities who failed to do that in the last 20 years when this little train that could made sure that it got done.”