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Emmer: It’s time to end this invasion at the southern border

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer today joined Fox & Friends to discuss the House’s expected floor vote on the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas and the Senate border deal. 

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Whip Emmer on Mayorkas impeachment:

“I’m confident, if we have our members here, that we should be able to do this. And, look, Steve, it is time to hold Secretary Mayorkas accountable. We have no other way to do this. He will not resign, despite the fact that he has willfully refused to enforce our federal laws to secure our southern border. In fact, he has instructed his subordinates not to enforce the laws. This is not just nonfeasance, this is malfeasance. This is active neglect on the part of the Secretary. And since he won’t do the honorable thing and resign, the House needs to hold him accountable through impeachment. It’s the only choice we have.”

Whip Emmer on criticisms of a Mayorkas impeachment:

“That's why we have constitutional experts, and I love those guys. I’m a big fan. But, on this one, you better look a little bit more closely at the process and the evidence. The process was deliberate. It was thoughtful. It extended over a year. They studied the topic. I mean, I don’t know that the American people understand the cost of this invasion that’s coming across our southern border. That’s not my word, that's Al Sharpton’s word. He called it an invasion. That cost of it is almost half a trillion dollars to the American people. Forget for a second about the fentanyl overdoses that we’re seeing. Forget about the crime. Again, just keep in mind, separate from that, you’re talking about health care. You are talking about housing. You are talking about education expense for illegal immigrants that the American people are having to cover. And, when it comes to the Constitutional experts, the evidence is very clear that this Secretary has not just a difference of policy – he’s willfully refusing to enforce federal law that would secure our southern border. That is an impeachable offense.”

Whip Emmer on the Border Patrol Union’s endorsement of the Senate border deal:

“Well look, they can have their perspective, Steve…And it’s our job to actually make sure the laws will accomplish what we are seeking to do. You have to reform the parole process where the president has been abusing it, allowing people to come across the border. You have to reinstate ‘remain in Mexico.’ You have to end ‘catch and release.’ And you have to reform our asylum laws. This so-called Senate deal only takes care of one thing. And by the way, it’s codifying ‘catch and release.’ Keep in mind that the federal law requires our authorities to detain someone at the border…until their case is adjudicated. This administration, through Secretary Mayorkas, has told his people to ignore that law and just release people. They have released almost – well, 40 percent of the people they have released, they don’t even know where they are at, Steve. So, again, I respect the border patrol. Our job is to support them. They can have their opinion. But this is what we got elected for, and we need to hold the administration accountable. It’s time to end this invasion at the southern border, Steve.”