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Emmer: The right thing to do is to seal our own border

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer today joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss House Republicans’ work to secure the border, despite the White House and Senate Democrats’ failure to address their self-made crisis.

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Whip Emmer on the Senate’s border and Ukraine aid negotiations:

“Mike Johnson has said that he's willing – ‘We’re not going to abandon Ukraine,' has been our Speaker's statement. But if we are going to help secure someone else's border, we are going to secure ours at the same time. So he has related the two, and he has told them we need to have substantive changes to seal our southern border. And I think the challenge that Chuck Schumer has, Joe, quite frankly is that the Biden White House needs a win on the border because you don’t have to be just a Republican. You just have to be an American. This is the number two issue after the economy for most Americans.”

Whip Emmer on House Republicans’ border legislation, H.R. 2: 

“The House passed the strongest border security bill in 20 years back in May. That bill would seal the southern border. They want to claim that it eliminates asylum. They want to claim that it gives people who have a legitimate interest in coming to this country, that it precludes that from happening. It does not. What it does, pretty much what we have right now. If you enforce the laws, people have an opportunity to come here. We can seal that border. And the biggest issue – by the way, Joe, I should have added – this is a national security issue. It’s not just that Americans politically have had enough, and they’ve seen what happened. But this is dangerous. It’s not just fentanyl, it’s bad actors that are coming across our southern border.” 

Whip Emmer on local Democrat leaders pressuring the Biden administration to address the border crisis:

“Why does it have to be a political issue when it's the right thing to do to seal our own border and make sure that good people that want to come here for the right reasons are able to come here? Leaving a wide-open border, and nobody can understand exactly why. Why is it wide open? These mayors putting pressure on the White House absolutely will be helpful to moving it. The question is: What will the Schumer Senate do, and how is the White House going to move them?”