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Emmer: The White House is stonewalling

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday to discuss House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry and the Senate’s failure to act on the House-passed Israel aid package.

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Whip Emmer on the Biden impeachment inquiry: 

“Jamie Comer with Oversight, Jim Jordan with Judiciary and Jason Smith with our Ways and Means Committee have done amazing work. But the White House on November 17th sent a letter to Jamie Comer and to Jim Jordan telling them that they refuse to offer the subpoenas that they had been served because they believe that without a full floor vote that it is not a valid impeachment inquiry. So, look, you've got a situation, Will, where it is very likely that the president knew what his family was doing and it is very likely that he benefited from what his family was doing. We have to follow these facts.”

“If it goes to the floor we are going to pass it. There is no question. But keep in mind that the issue here is the White House is, Mike said it yesterday, they are stonewalling. They are trying to delay. We are going to have to go or Jim Jordan, and Jamie Comer, and Jason are going to have to go to court to enforce the subpoenas and the decision that apparently our Speaker is going to make is that we are going to satisfy this foe excuse by having a floor vote on a formal impeachment inquiry so that when we do go to court to get those subpoenas enforced there really isn’t an argument against.” 

Whip Emmer on the Senate's failure to take up the House-passed Israel aid package: 

“Yesterday, Will, was one month since the House passed a fully paid for Israeli aid bill. It's been sitting for a month and no action whatsoever by Chuck Shumer's Senate. This is the type of thing Mike Johnson is trying to change in Washington, D.C. and I think you just have to have the public putting more pressure on these “politicos,” these political elites, that think the world is the same way they thought it was last year.”