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Emmer: There's a new majority in town to address Biden's border crisis

Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald yesterday to discuss the unacceptable and unprecedented nature of Joe Biden’s border crisis, and House Republicans’ plans to address it. Whip Emmer noted that President Biden only visited the border this week after pretending the crisis didn’t exist for two years because he recognizes that the new Republican majority will hold his administration accountable – unlike when Democrats were in charge. Additionally, Whip Emmer highlighted that this accountability will be ensured through the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena.

Click here or on the image above to view the interview.


Read Whip Emmer’s remarks on Biden’s border crisis below:

“President Biden understands there’s a new majority in town, Liz. That’s why he scrambled to get his butt down to the border, to El Paso, last weekend for his first visit for something that he has denied even existed for the last couple of years. You’ve got almost 4.5 million illegals that have been apprehended at our southern border in the past two years. Last month alone you had almost 75,000 gotaways. This is unprecedented and it’s unacceptable. House Republicans are going to hold the Biden administration accountable with both the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena.”