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Emmer: House Republicans are preventing another omnibus monstrosity

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer discussed Speaker Johnson’s two-step, stop-gap funding plan that will be voted on in the House today. It will avoid a government shutdown, fully pay our troops, and prevent another Christmas omnibus monstrosity.

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Whip Emmer: “Many of you have headlined this week as being the House Republicans’ ‘first big test’ under our new Speaker. But I say this week is another opportunity for our conference to govern where Democrats have failed. Let’s recall the Democrats’ days of ‘you have to pass a bill to see what’s in it.’ House members were forced to vote on thousand-page, omnibus spending packages released at the 11th hour on the eve of holidays before members ever even had a chance to read them. But this House Republican majority, under Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership, is saying no more. We are bringing common sense back to the nation’s capital with the Speaker’s two-step, stop-gap funding plan. By passing this bill, we will avoid a government shutdown, fully pay our troops, and protect Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars by preventing another omnibus monstrosity all while putting House Republicans in the best position to continue fighting for conservative victories. That includes our continued commitment to fight wasteful spending and to secure our southern border. It’s not lost on us that we’re facing an uphill battle here. Democrats control the White House and the Senate. But now is the time for House Republicans to stay united as a team and remember the goal. Americans elected our House Republican Majority to counteract Democrats’ failed agenda and change the way things work here in Washington. We have an opportunity to live up to that mandate today. So, we are going to get to work, and we are going to get it done.”