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Emmer: Speaker Mike Johnson will keep our majority united as we continue to deliver

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer gave the following remarks regarding House Republicans' unanimous election of Mike Johnson to serve as the 56th Speaker of the House.

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Whip Emmer: “Good afternoon everyone – thank you for bearing with us. I know it’s been a long few weeks. From an outside point-of-view, these last few weeks have probably looked like total chaos, confusion, no end in sight. But from my perspective, this is one of the greatest experiences in the recent history of our Republic. While Speaker’s races for the last 100 years have been conducted behind closed doors, filled with political promises and tyrannical threats against anyone who would not fall in line, the Speaker’s races under our House Republican majority have been open, honest, transparent, and a true display of what democracy looks like in action. It took a while for us to get here, but our conference has shown that we achieve tremendous success when we work together as a team. And I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this team with our new Speaker of the House – Mike Johnson – leading the way. Mike is a strong man of faith, a Constitutional conservative, and a fierce fighter for our Republican, commonsense agenda. He has been a leading force on the Judiciary committee where he has defended Americans’ individual liberties while fighting back against the Democrats’ radical agenda and the Biden family’s culture of corruption.

He has been an important leader in our conference for nearly three years as Vice Chairman, and as Speaker, I know Mike will keep our majority united as we continue to deliver on the commitments we’ve made to our constituents. We’ve had some challenging times around here these last few weeks, but our country has endured challenging times before. And I have zero doubt that we will again. Not only will we survive – we’re going to come out stronger and better because of it. And the American people can rest assured that, with Speaker Mike Johnson at the helm, our House Republican majority will keep fighting to unapologetically stand with Israel, reign in Washington’s reckless spending, secure our border, and force the Biden White House and Schumer Senate along with us as we govern. If these last few weeks have proven anything it’s that we will never stop fighting. We will never give up. And I firmly believe that, with House Republicans now united and ready to get back to work, as our new Speaker-elect said, our best days lie ahead.”