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Emmer: Any anti-Israel rhetoric or action will not be tolerated so long as House Republicans are in the majority

WASHINGTON – Following Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s joint address to Congress, Majority Whip Tom Emmer reaffirmed House Republicans’ support for Israel despite House Democrats’ antisemitic antics.

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Whip Emmer: “The takeaway from President Herzog’s address was clear: For 75 years, Israel has been and will continue to be our strongest and most important ally in the Middle East. Now, it’s past time for the Biden White House and his fellow Democrats to start acting like it. The fact that a number of House Democrats boycotted today’s address is ridiculous. And the fact that 10 House Democrats refused to agree that Israel is not a racist state is completely inexcusable.

“If recent events have shown us anything, it’s that the Democrats have solidified their position as the anti-Israel party. Look no further than earlier this year, when the House voted to remove Ilhan Omar from her post on the House Foreign Affairs Committee for repeated anti-Semitic comments. Guess how many Democrats supported the resolution? Not a single one. Meanwhile, the world saw headlines about President Biden dragging his feet on meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, calling Israeli officials extremists, and appeasing our adversaries like Iran and China.

“Let me be clear. Any anti-Israel rhetoric or action will not, it will never, and it will not be tolerated so long as House Republicans are in the majority. Yesterday, we sent a resounding message that anti-Semitism will not be given any oxygen on our side of the aisle. And today, by welcoming President Herzog to the Capitol, we reminded the world of the unbreakable alliance the United States and Israel share. I can only hope that the Biden White House and Democrats in Congress will eventually join us in our resolve to stand with Israel without hesitation.”