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Emmer: Welcome to another week of House Democrats’ antics while House Republicans continue to govern

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer today discussed House Democrats’ radical, far-left agenda, in stark contrast to House Republicans’ record of delivering commonsense legislation for the American people.

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Whip Emmer: “Good morning, and welcome to another week of House Democrats’ antics while House Republicans continue to govern. Last week, House Democrats showed Americans that championing their radical, left-wing agenda was more important than bolstering and modernizing our military. Their radical agenda is more important than giving our service members the largest pay increase in 20 years. Their radical agenda was more important than equipping our armed forces with the tools they need to counter CCP aggression.

“This week, the antics continue with the Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – Pramila Jayapal – saying ‘Israel is a racist state’ and four House Democrats boycotting Israeli President Herzog’s joint address to Congress tomorrow. The contrast between our two parties could not be more clear.

“While House Democrats are consumed with their anti-Israel agenda this week, House Republicans will continue leading the charge on bringing common sense back to the nation’s capital by passing the FAA reauthorization legislation that maintains America’s gold standard in aviation as Mike Collins was talking about, prohibiting the use of our schools to provide shelter for illegal immigrants as Marc Molinaro was talking about, providing much-needed accountability and transparency regarding evidence of Biden family corruption that Chair Comer was just talking about, and we’re going to be sending a message to the world that the United States will unashamedly always stand with Israel. This week will be another successful week of acing more ‘first big tests’ as House Republicans continue to deliver on our promises to the American people.”