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Emmer: House Republicans led the way in supporting and strengthening our military

Majority Whip Tom Emmer today applauded House Republicans’ passage of the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which authorizes funding and sets policy for the United States military.

Click here or above to watch the clip.

Whip Emmer: “First, I want to thank the Speaker for his leadership – the Majority Leader, Elise, everybody who’s up here. I want to thank the best Chief Deputy Whip that anybody could have in the entire Whip team – Guy Reschenthaler and the entire team. And I want to thank our members. I want to thank our members for remembering why they were sent here. They were sent here to put America first and Americans’ safety and security first, and that’s exactly what they did today. 

“Everybody said this couldn’t happen. Again, as Guy was telling me on the way down here, I guess this was our next ‘first big test.’ If you think about it, we’ve had six months now of Speaker McCarthy and our House Republican majority. And if the last six months have proven anything, and I hope you’re starting to take notice, it’s that House Republicans get stuff done. This is the group that has been doing the work. We’ve beaten the odds time and time again to deliver on our promises to the American people. When the talking heads here in Washington…insist that we can’t pass things, we have proven them wrong every time. And today is no exception. 

“Today, House Republicans led the way in supporting and strengthening our military by passing the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act. The core tenets of this year’s NDAA are simple: Modernize and bolster our military, take care of our men and women in uniform, and cut out the woke garbage that the Biden administration has forced on our service members. It’s a shame, as you’ve heard already, that House Democrats couldn’t put politics aside for one vote to join us in equipping our military heroes. Unfortunately, today proves once again that championing their partisan, left-wing agenda is more important to the House Democrats than continuing the six-decade tradition of coming together to strengthen our national defense and give service members the largest pay increase they have received in 20 years. But, once again, House Republicans made up for where the Democrats have failed, and we will continue bringing along President Biden and the fellow members of his party with us as we govern for the American people.”