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Emmer on the Limit, Save, Grow Act: The solution is there. If you don’t have ideas, pass it.

Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined CNN This Morning to discuss House Republicans’ win in passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023 which responsibly raises the debt ceiling while reining in Washington’s reckless spending and saving taxpayers $4.8 trillion.



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Whip Emmer on next steps for the Limit, Save, Grow Act: 

“The solution has been provided. Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans have once again led. The president, Chuck Schumer, all they’ve been doing is spouting rhetoric for three months. They want to play with American families’ financial security and with the financial future of this country. That’s unacceptable. So I commend Kevin McCarthy, our Speaker. I commend all our members, because this bill was built from the bottom up. This was a collective process. We would have loved to have had the White House, the Senate, Democrats participating, but they’ve chosen to play with our financial future for political reasons rather than get to the table and work it out. So guess what? Solution is over in the Senate. If you don’t want to negotiate or you don’t like it, then you should come to the table. If you’re not going to come to the table, pass it.”

Whip Emmer on the notion of a “clean” debt ceiling increase:

“Quite frankly, there is no such thing as a clean debt increase, especially with this administration and this Senate. To give Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden a blank check to do whatever they want – more unrestricted, unnecessary spending that is driving double-digit inflation we hadn’t seen in 40 years, that is spiking costs at the grocery store, at the gas pump – that would be the biggest mistake. People have to remember, the most important fiscal reforms that we’ve had in the last 30 years have come with these debt ceiling discussions. Again, yesterday Republicans and Kevin McCarthy led in the House. The solution is there. If you don’t have ideas, pass it. Protect the American people and this country’s financial future. If you don’t like something in it, please, call our Speaker. Sit down with him and start talking about it.”

“Nancy Pelosi, you might remember in 2019, said there will be no debt ceiling increase without strings attached. So let’s not try to rewrite history. This is always the way it’s done. In this case, we’ve got a White House and a Senate – they haven’t put forth any ideas. They haven’t put forth any solutions. So guess what? Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans did that yesterday. If you don’t have any solutions, let’s all protect America’s future and keep the Americans we represent in mind, pass the bill. If you don’t like something in it – call our Speaker, come on over, have a discussion with him, and let's see what we can do.”