Scalise Discusses Preventing Shootings, Tax Reform Results, and Restoring Rule of Law to Our Immigration System with Maria Bartiromo

WASHINGTON, D.C.— House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria to discuss breakdowns in the law and governing system that allowed the Parkland shooter to take the lives of 17 students and teachers. He also talked about out of touch liberal rhetoric on tax reform and the House’s efforts to pass the Goodlatte-McCaul immigration reform bill.


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On the Parkland Shooting:

“You had a guy there with a gun who literally could have stopped the shooter and he hid out instead. Look, I was blessed like you said. I had two police officers who there on duty. Both immediately went to the danger, engaged the shooter, and because they did that it saved all of us. He was trying to kill 15 Members of Congress and he was stopped because there were police officers there. This police officer should have stopped the shooter. How many different breakdowns of government have we seen? Here you had an armed deputy hiding out instead of stopping the shooter. The FBI had this kid’s name months ago saying he wanted to be a professional school shooter and let him slip through the cracks. It makes you irate.

“I still say the first thing that any of these victims need is prayer. They need prayer. I needed prayer. It surely helped me. Then you go find out what really went wrong.  Unfortunately, in this case, we have seen so many breakdowns in a system that is already in place. How many laws were broken and then people say let’s put more laws on the books. You wonder why law-abiding citizens are concerned about having gun rights taken away when they see so many failures of a government who should have done something to stop this. Don’t rush to judgment. There’s no magic bill that is going to stop the next thing from happening when so many laws are already on the books that weren’t being enforced, that were broken. The breakdowns that happen, this is what drives people nuts.”


On Out of Touch Liberal Rhetoric on Tax Reform:

“I mean I want [Nancy Pelosi] to continue speaking. I think the more that she talks the more it shows you how out of touch radical liberals in Washington are with hardworking families. Mike Pence, the Vice President, is spot-on as always when he talked about that. And President Trump has been incredibly good at making these points, about not only how they are out of touch by saying it is crumbs, when hardworking families needed that thousand dollars right before Christmas maybe to buy a new Christmas present for the kids, but how [the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act] is helping rebuild our economy, creating more jobs, and ultimately rebuilding the middle class that we have seen evaporate because we were uncompetitive as a nation and now we are competitive again. In fact, we are going to be the world leader again. We’re going to bring those jobs back to America.

“Make no mistake about it. Nancy Pelosi is working as hard as ever, raising record amounts of money. I am sure she raised over 30 million dollars just in the last few months to try to become Speaker again. If you are looking at a swing district and it is a Republican versus Democrat. Sure you can look at differences in policy between the two and they may be similar, but the Democrats are going to vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in as Speaker of the House and let’s remember how that went when she was Speaker. And the Republicans are going to vote to keep Paul Ryan, so there is a huge difference in some of these swing districts and they are not giving up. They are fighting. We have a strong message. We have a strong economy going because of what we did to cut taxes. We have been controlling regulations. Crazy regulators, for eight years, had been literally running jobs out of the country. We are focused on fixing even more problems, including in the workforce, getting back to work, having an infrastructure plan that works where you don’t have to wait 10 years to get a basic permit, you can maybe get it in two years or less. It will cost a lot less money to do these big projects.”


On Immigration Reform:

“I think that the President is taking the right approach by saying, number one, he is going to secure the American border. Building the wall is part of that. That’s what’s in our bill, the Goodlatte-McCaul bill in the House. It secures the border, builds the wall, uses technology to secure different parts on the border, as well as giving our ICE agents the tools they need. Let’s crack down on these sanctuary cities and states where they literally have government leaders saying ignore the laws on the books. We are a rule-of-law nation. Every nation defends their borders and has laws. Let’s make sure we are enforcing our laws and make sure we are strengthening our border, addressing the DACA problem, ending chain migration and the visa lottery program. We do all of that in our bill and we are working with President Trump to get that done.”