WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) today received the National Taxpayers Union “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” for having one of the strongest voting records on reducing spending, lowering taxes, and supporting economic success. Scalise is the only member of leadership to be recognized with this award this year and received the second-highest voting score in Congress.

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Congressman Steve Scalise Receives a Top Score on Fiscal Issues Scorecard

Washington, D.C.- Today Congressman Steve Scalise was honored by National Taxpayers Union (NTU) for having one of the strongest voting records in Washington, DC on supporting lower taxes, limited government, and economic freedom. This year only 66 House Members earned the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” for their outstanding voting record, and Congressman Scalise, as House Majority Whip, is the highest-ranking Member of Congress to be honored with the award.

“It’s a particularly impressive achievement for the Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, to receive a Taxpayer’s Friend award this year,” said NTU President Pete Sepp. “After surviving a horrible tragedy on the baseball field, he was able to return to work and complete a highly successful year, in which he received the 2nd highest score in the House. Taxpayers should be especially thankful for Steve Scalise’s leadership on their behalf, which no doubt also inspired other lawmakers to keep working hard for limited government and economic freedom.”

NTU included 98 Senate votes and 198 House votes in the 2017 scorecard. NTU’s rating program is designed to calculate a Member’s voting record on fiscal responsibility by evaluating every vote that has an impact on tax, spending, trade, and regulatory policy utilizing a methodical weighting system. No other fiscal policy scorecard is as comprehensive as NTU’s. This year Congressman Scalise scored 91 percent on the rating scale – the second-highest score in the House of Representatives. In comparison, the House average was just 51 percent while the Senate’s average was 44 percent.

NTU has recognized Representatives and Senators since 1979 who annually earn high voting scores to qualify them for the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award.” See NTU’s full congressional scorecard for the first session of the 115th Congress and further analysis here.