WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom with Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer to discuss Democrat obstruction and showmanship, like political fundraising and attempts to leak confidential documents, during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings this week with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Scalise shared his views on the strong judicial temperament of Judge Kavanaugh and called for the Senate to do its job.


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On Senate Democrats’ tactics during the hearings:

“The first thing is, I think what Judge Kavanaugh has been doing in his testimony these last few days has shown how well of a choice President Trump made in selecting him to be the next justice on the Supreme Court. He has got the right kind of judicial temperament you want in somebody who’s actually going to interpret the Constitution the way it was written as opposed to some of these people who think they can get on the bench to become legislators. I think the charade you’re seeing in the Senate with, unfortunately, some of these candidates for president in 2020, trying to almost start running in their presidential primary on the Democratic side off of this nomination, is just not what the Senate is supposed to be about. They’re supposed to be there doing their job.”

“Look, you take an oath to uphold the laws and the rules. If you don’t like the rules of the Senate, you’re a Senator, go try to change the rules. But to try to leak classified information or to violate the rules because you are trying to appease some radical left base, where if you look in these primaries on the Democratic side, liberals aren’t liberal enough. You almost have to be socialist to get through on the Democrat side now. There’s this race to the radical left. That’s not where America is. We are a center-right nation, and I think … one person has to be more absurd than the other to get attention on the Democrat side. Is that really what they are going to be about? Donald Trump is getting this economy back on track. People care about jobs. They want security at home. They want judges who are going to interpret the laws. What President Trump has been doing follows through on all of that, and I think this move towards socialism on the Democrat side is going to backfire.”

“You can disagree over philosophical differences. When you are sending out an email raising money for your presidential campaign before you even ask your first question, I think people know the political motivations are behind a lot of the shenanigans that are going on. Frankly, it’s beneath the dignity of the Senate to be trying to turn this into a circus instead of asking their questions. If you have questions about rulings he has made, he’s got a real record of a judicial record that I think is exemplary. It’s part of the reason why President Trump picked him to be a good jurist on the Supreme Court. But go and ask your questions about those things that he has actually ruled on. To try and make a spectacle out of it because you want to look more radical left than the other Democrat Senators who are running for president, that’s not what these hearings should be about.”

On Judge Kavanaugh:

“I think he’ll be confirmed. He deserves to be confirmed because he has the right judicial temperament to serve on the Supreme Court. I think President Trump has done a great job, not only in Neil Gorsuch, but now in Judge Kavanaugh at fulfilling some of his most important duties as President of the United States. I think the American people see that this is what they elected him for.”