WASHINGTON, D.C.— Not only has the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act given a jolt to the economy with companies announcing bonuses, pay raises, new hiring, and more investments, but the bill is also striking a chord with power companies seeing the utility of lowering rates for their consumers as a direct result of the savings they see under the new law.

This will come as a shock to Democrats who were unplugged from reality just days before the bill’s passage, claiming it would result in Armageddon. Perhaps now they will see the light and flip the switch on their rhetoric, as millions of their constituents see lighter bills and more money in their wallets.

Take a look at the utility companies planning to lower rates for consumers:

Arizona (Arizona Public Service Co.):

Illinois (Commonwealth Edison Company):

Kentucky (Kentucky Utilities):

Louisiana (Louisiana Public Service Commission):


Baltimore Gas & Electric:

Pepco and Delmarva Power:

Massachusetts (Eversource):

Missouri (Missouri Public Service Commission):

Montana (Montana Public Service Commission):

Oklahoma (Oklahoma Corporation Commission):

Oregon (Pacific Power):

South Carolina (Dominion Energy):

South Dakota (South Dakota Public Utilities Commission):

Utah (Rocky Mountain Power):

Washington, DC (Pepco):

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