Living Their Best Life: MetLife Raises Minimum Wage, Provides $75,000 Life Insurance Benefits Because of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – MetLife provided economic insurance for their employees today by announcing the company will raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour and provide a $75,000 life insurance policy regardless of an employee’s pay because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Additionally, the company will give a $300 minimum monthly credit for employee pension plans.

MetLife joins the well-over 300 other companies and counting that are announcing pay raises, over $3 billion in bonuses, better benefits, and more hiring as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Will Democrats still claim the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has life-threatening consequences, or will they acknowledge that it in fact is improving lives of millions of workers across the country?

To see MetLife’s full announcement, click here or see below.

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Nasdaq: MetLife to Make Significant Investment in Its Employees on Tax Reform

February 12, 2018

( – MetLife, Inc. ( MET ) announced that in light of tax reform, the company will increase the investment it makes in its employees. For all eligible U.S. employees, MetLife established a company minimum wage of $15 an hour, well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The company will also create a new $10 million skills development fund to help its employees around the world upgrade their workplace skills.

MetLife’s enhanced programs also include: a minimum MetLife-provided group life insurance benefit of $75,000, regardless of the employee’s pay; and a $300 minimum monthly credit for the cash-balance formula of the benefit pension plan.

MetLife also enhanced the 401(k) plan design by moving to auto-enrollment for employee contributions and immediate eligibility for, and vesting in, employer matching contributions.