WASHINGTON, D.C.— At the final practice before tomorrow’s Congressional Baseball Game on the one year anniversary of the shooting, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) rallied the Republican team with an emotional speech on how tomorrow is much more than a game – it’s a story of comeback, perseverance, and unity.

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Scalise’s message to the team:

“Look, tomorrow, a year ago y’all know what happened. And rarely in life do you get a chance to change history.

“Every one of us has a different version of that story. You know, what I went through was one thing, but each of you went through something similar, or different. Start with Trent Kelly, and Mika, Barth, you know what all of us went through. We’ve all talked about it, some as individuals, some together.

“But tomorrow’s our chance to prove just what all the hard work that we’ve been through, to come back mentally and physically, come back through it. And to be a better team, to be a better group.

“Look, we’ve bonded in a way that nobody else has, hopefully nobody else will. But, everybody has had each other’s backs through this whole time this time the last year. And let’s make tomorrow about a comeback story.”