Daily Whipline

March 12, 2019


TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2019                                                                                                           

House Meets At…

Votes Predicted At…

10:00 a.m. Morning Hour

12:00 p.m. Legislative Business

Fifteen “One Minutes” Per Side

First/Last Votes: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.



Floor Schedule and Procedure:

Suspensions (7 bills)

  1. H.Res. 156 – Calling for accountability and justice for the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, as amended (Rep. Engel – Foreign Affairs)

This resolution calls for accountability and justice for the February 27, 2015 assassination of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian statesman and a powerful voice in opposition to the authoritarianism and corruption of Vladimir Putin’s government.  It condemns Putin and his regime for targeting political opponents and covering up Nemtsov’s killing, and calls on the U.S. Government to freeze assets of and deny visas to those determined to be involved in the assassination.

  1. H.R. 596 – Crimea Annexation Non-recognition Act, as amended (Rep. Connolly – Foreign Affairs)

This bill states that it shall be the policy of the United States not to recognize the Russian Federation’s claim of sovereignty over Crimea, a part of Ukraine, which it has illegally occupied since 2014.  It also prohibits the U.S. Government from taking any action or extending any assistance that implies U.S. recognition of Russia’s sovereignty claim over Crimea. 

  1. H.R. 1404 – Vladimir Putin Transparency Act, as amended (Rep. Demings – Intelligence/Foreign Affairs)

This bill would make findings and express the sense of Congress on Putin’s corruption, its corrosive effect on democracy and the rule of law in Russia, and the gap between the Russian government’s public account of Putin’s wealth and accounts by experts.  The bill would direct the DNI to submit an intelligence assessment to congressional committees on the legitimate and illegitimate financial holdings of Putin and his family, to include any efforts to conceal Putin’s true financial status from the public.

  1. H.R. 1617 – KREMLIN Act (Rep. Krishnamoorthi – Intelligence/Foreign Affairs)

This bill would make findings and express the sense of Congress on the Russian regime’s meddling in the West, its efforts to undermine NATO, and the latter’s benefits to U.S. security.  It would direct the DNI to submit intelligence assessments to congressional committees regarding Russian leadership plans and intentions on: (1) Potential military action against members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; (2) Potential responses to an enlarged U.S. or NATO military presence in eastern Europe and to increased U.S. military support for allies and partners in the region, such as the provision of additional lethal military equipment to Ukraine and Georgia; and (3) Potential areas where the Government of the Russian Federation could exploit weaknesses and divisions among the governments of its Western adversaries.

  1. H.R. 1582 – Electronic Message Preservation Act (Rep. Cummings – Oversight and Reform)

This bill would require the Archivist of the United States to promulgate regulations governing federal agency preservation of electronic messages that are federal records. Such regulations, at a minimum, must: (1) require the electronic capture, management, and preservation of electronic records in accordance with the Federal Records Act; (2) require such records to be retrievable through electronic searches; and (3) include timelines for federal agency implementation of the regulations that ensure compliance as expeditiously as practicable.

  1. H.R. 1608 – Federal Advisory Committee Act Amendments of 2019 (Rep. Clay – Oversight and Reform)

This bill would improve the transparency and accountability of Federal Advisory Committees.

  1. H.R. 1654 – Federal Register Modernization Act, as amended (Rep. Meadows – Oversight and Reform

This bill would require the Federal Register to be published by electronic means, documents in the Federal Register to be made available for sale or distribution to the public in published form, and makes certain technical changes. 


 “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

 Mother Teresa