Jobs 2-5-10

WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today released the following statement in response to the January jobs report from the Labor Department showing that 20,000 jobs were lost last month and the unemployment rate dropping to a five month low of 9.7 percent.

“The report released today by the Labor Department is encouraging news that there are gradual signs that our economy is recovering from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

“Even though this news shows signs that our economy is beginning to recover, it also reminds us that there is still more work to do in order to return our economy to full employment.  Job creation is our top priority, that’s why in December, the House passed the Jobs for Main Street Act with investment in small business assistance, retaining police, firefighters and teachers and rebuilding America’s infrastructure-which will create jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.  We will work with the President and our colleagues in the Senate to make this jobs bill law.”