WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn is being inducted today into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame in Atlanta, GA.  Below is Clyburn’s statement.

“I am honored and humbled to receive this recognition joining some with whom I marched and was jailed, others with whom I have served and interacted over the years, and many others who I never met.  Many who have received this honor and tens of thousands of others – who remain nameless – made significant sacrifices to make it possible for me to serve and sit in the leadership of the United States Congress today.  With the acceptance of this honor I pledge to continue the fight to give voice and representation to those who have traditionally been left out of the mainstream of our society.”

“The International Civil Rights Walk of Fame was created in 2004 to give recognition to the foot soldiers of justice who sacrificed and struggled to make equality a reality for all. This extraordinary display has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city of Atlanta and has enriched the heritage of the civil rights movement. The shoes used to create the footsteps will also be on display during the unveiling program.”