Prominent House Democrat Criticizes Obama Administration Over Budget Talks

Mar 10, 2011

Despite new claims of engagement from the Obama Administration, prominent Democrats on the Hill continue to criticize their leadership on spending talks. Maybe the reason the White House is having such a hard time leading is because they’ve sat on the sidelines of any effort to cut spending during the last two years…

Rep. Henry Cuellar On White House Involvement In Budget Talks: “It Would Be Nice If We Could Get A Little Bit Of Help From Our President.”
“On Wednesday, for instance, he went after the White House for taking a backseat throughout most of the budget-cut debate. Democrats, he said, are making progress highlighting the distinction in spending priorities between the two parties, ‘but it would be nice if we could get a little bit of help from our president.’ ‘The president needs to work with us on those priorities,’ he said, ‘and there certainly has to be a lot more communication between the House, the Senate and the president.’” (Mike Lillis, “Cuellar Dem Leadership's Lone New Face,” The Hill, 3/10/11)

Rep. Cuellar On Vice President Biden:
“If he’s the chief negotiator — at least that’s what I thought he was gonna be — and then he takes off in the middle of this debate, then where does that leave us?” (Mike Lillis, “Cuellar Dem Leadership's Lone New Face,” The Hill, 3/10/11)