McCarthy: The Future Of Our Country Deserve More Than Political Gamesmanship

Jun 18, 2013

Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) made the following statement regarding the House of Representatives acting to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling while the Senate is choosing to play politics:  

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“As every parent knows when you first have children it is no longer what you become in life it’s what the opportunities your children will have in life. America is known as the land of opportunity and when you look before everyone standing here everyone gets a smile, why? Because you look at the best and brightest of what’s going to happen to this country. Unfortunately, politics is slowing that down. As the Speaker said, the House has acted. At the end of the month, the future gets put in doubt - the fear for families in the summer who question what will happen when August comes for college. What will be the opportunities your children will have? What is so frustrating to me is that the President laid out a plan and when somebody offered it in the Senate, the Democrats objected to it and didn’t even allow it to be heard. That is playing politics and it is time we put people before politics and most importantly put forward opportunity for the country.”